Cave Week #5

with Drew Wilson     I'm back at it again!

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What is Cave Week?

A 24/7 live video stream of some guy writing code and arranging pixels with no breaks and very little sleep, for a solid week!

An ultra boring bore fest of epic proportions. But maybe you'll learn a few tricks 🤓
Happening from November 28th - 🤷‍♂️, 2017

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  • 6790 Emabarcadero Lane, #213, Carlsbad, CA 92011

What I'll be doing

I'm working on a bunch of new stuff for my company Plasso.

Watch me:

  • Create ecommerce products from start to finish
  • Design interfaces in Photoshop and in the browser
  • Write Javascript code (front-end and back-end with Node.js)
  • Setup database structures
  • Create targeted marketing pages built for our sales efforts
  • and more!

Why I'm doing it

I completed Cave Week #1 in Januray of this year, Cave Week #2 in March, and Cave Week #3 happened in June. Now I'm back at it again... for the same reason.

As CEO of a growing startup, it's very difficult to find time for anything. I have a huge backlog of stuff I need to build and launch.

I'll be alone, working non-stop and playing catch-up. I'm so stoked! Just me, locked away in a room with nothing but buckets of inspiration, motivation and an iMac. 🖥

It'll be a stupendous week!
It'll be a: Cave Week 😱 🙀

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